Special services

Logistics and
For food
For construction industry
Rail, air and water transport
Import and export to Asia and America
Intermodal transport
The range of Atlantis company’s logistics services covers the whole Europe. We guarantee perfect adjustment of your collection terms, warehousing and cargo delivery, as well as perfect organization of technical, legal and formal conditions which are necessary to execute your order successfully.



Transport organization in road tunnels
Cargo transport on roads where some sections include road tunnels requires additional fees and some restrictive security conditions must be fulfilled. Atlantis organizes transport via road tunnels all the time so we guarantee that our Clients’ cargo will be transported on such routes with no problems.




Transport Structures Management
Most of the orders executed by Atlantis refer to cargo transport on long-distance routes but our offer includes also special services intended for entrepreneurs who want to reduce cargo packaging costs. We make it possible to manage reusable packaging in an efficient way. Pallets and other standard packaging, rented for transport period, go back to Atlantis or the freighters we cooperate with so our Clients do not have to spend their own money on transport structures and their own pallets.


The service is intended for food industry enterprises. We are experienced in organising cargo transport in controlled temperature; we also know all the requirements related to delivery of food articles. Thanks to advanced logistics solutions, the products we deliver are as fresh as they were at the time of loading and they have the same high quality.
Our team includes people who specialize in transport of high-tonnage cargo and cargo of non-standard size – including machinery and equipment. Our vehicles and cooperation with trusted freighters enable us to meet all your expectations in the scope of oversize transport.
Air transport
Air transport can go outside Europe. The range of air freight covers the whole world. Cooperating with the best carriers, we care for the highest level of security and we also reduce costs in a significant way, making this service profitable for your company.





Sea transport/ferries


In many cases water transport, instead of transport by air or land, is the simplest and cheapest way to deliver cargo to an addressee. Thanks to cooperation with owners of ferries, we can deliver goods from or to your company from any place in the world. At the same time, we handle all legal, formal and organizational matters. An additional advantage of sea freight is usually its much lower cost, comparing to other ways of transport.

Transport by ferry usually refers to vehicle transportation. It can be a separate order (in such cases we transport our clients’ vehicles at their request) or it can be a part of a complex road freight. In any of the situations we can organize and coordinate any actions related to vehicle transportation, including obtaining necessary documentation and paying obligatory fees.




Rail transport
Atlantis company's rail transport covers the whole Poland and Europe. Thanks to our contracts with freighters, we can reach any goods station or goods and passenger station which is located close to any destination. We also offer loading and unloading services for goods transported by rail.




Thanks to our warehousing offer, goods storing is not a demanding undertaking anymore – instead, it becomes a convenient service. It is also a great way to reduce costs. Taking over from our Clients all the issues related to the storage of goods, we care about proper storage conditions of their cargo, as well as the appropriate marking.
We provide a comprehensive offer related to procedures of import and export, as well as a full service transportation and logistics for freights to and from the countries of Asia and both Americas. We supervise the entire process of delivering goods from the time we accept them up to their collection at the destination place. Import and export services can be combined with warehousing services.
If, in order to deliver cargo to the destination, you need to use more than one mode of transport – we guarantee a professional and fully-economic organization of such transport, without reloading. In Atlantis, intermodal transport service is conducted by the best specialists who can execute even the most complex orders quickly and efficiently. Cooperation with many trusted freighters allows us to use any form of transport by land, air and sea to deliver our Clients’ goods.