Providing freight forwarding services, we combine abilities of many companies

in order to give our Clients more comprehensive offer. We entrust cargo transport

to our Atlantis vehicles and to our proven freighters with confirmed qualifications

and experience. We are always certain that your cargo is in the best hands and

will be delivered safe and sound on time. In case of services provided by external

freighters, Atlantis specialists supervise formal conditions of the transport, including

insurance, they organise collection of the cargo anywhere you want to,

and they prepare appropriate orders related to its delivery.


We select the right means of transport depending on the cargo type and size,

and every order is verified considering the Client’s specific requirements. We specialize

in cost optimisation – thanks to this fact, the high quality of our services

is accompanied by an attractive price.


Good relations with Clients and the Freighters we cooperate with are the most

important value of our work. Partner atmosphere and clear rules make all the

parties satisfied and each of them is able to achieve the assumed business goals.


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